To ensure the implementation of Wiplist is successful, preparation is vital. Below are some key steps to help you set up as smoothly as possible.

Business Processes

Implementing a new system provides a great opportunity for you to analyze your current processes. You may have some processes that are no longer efficient and need to be modified, or there may be others that need to be implemented. It is important to document and review your processes, improving them if necessary before configuring the system around them. And don't be afraid to ask us either, remember we do this a lot and taking the time to speak to us can make all the difference!

Users and Roles

All Wiplist users should have controlled access rights based on their role and / or job function. Roles should be defined based on your business processes and the jobs that people perform. For example, Faye in accounting would need to be a user with invoice and reporting access, whereas Paul our designer may need only job and time entry access. Role definitions should be defined by what your employees do every day and what they need to get their jobs done. Taking the time to create a matrix by user and function will help speed up the implementation process.


We've thought very carefully about the reporting options we've designed as standard into Wiplist. However, you may need something which is special to your needs. Consider the current reports you require and check that you can achieve the required outputs with Wiplist.

Data Migration

Many companies have information stored in older systems that they wish to move across into Wiplist. This information is oftentimes organized differently to ours, requiring some effort to relocate. Focusing on migration strategies early on can help ensure a smoother transfer of information down the road.

Find A Champion

A champion is a person at your company who espouses the advantages of Wiplist to others and works to get the whole team on board. The project champion is the central point of contact when communicating with your staff, management and us. Once Wiplist is implemented, a champion ensures that everyone continues to use the system properly and helps others when they have questions.

IT Support

Just like most types of software, there are certain setup requirements to meet in order for it to work properly. This might include freeing up disk space, updating browsers, upgrading Internet bandwidth, supplying network access etc. Notify your IT consultant about the proposed changes, they can ensure that your systems will support the new software now and in future, particularly if there are proposed changes to your setup.

Change Management

Implementing a new system can be a major change for a company, especially if you've never used one in the past. People are naturally resistant to change and don't want to deal with learning something new, which is why it's smart to hold a meeting at least a week or two prior to implementation. Tell your team members about Wiplist, its functions, and how it will make their lives easier. If possible, give a presentation on the software and show some screen shots of it in action. You should also answer any questions and give employees a rough outline of how the process will unfold.